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General Santos City, Philippines 9500

Welcome to GenSan Camera Club!

This is a group for all Film-based & Digital photography enthusiasts of all experiences (hobbyist, amateur, professional & snapshot takers) based in General Santos City & Sarangani Province. 

Though primarily for the Gen. Santos City & Sarangani -based photo enthusiasts, other interested individuals from other regions of the Philippines and other nationalities are welcome to join in our Yahoogroups! mailing forum (visit: If you are interested to join the on-line membership, you must put a small description of your interests and your photographic equipment (camera,lens,flash,accessories,etc.) in your request to be accepted. As soon as you're in, you can now access our yahoogroup!. It would be nice to hear  any ideas/suggestions you may have relating to photography and cameras. Otherwise, this is also a site where each of the members can simply trade messages with one another, as well as get updated on anything.

Please note that our Yahoogroup! is unmoderated, but closely monitored.

Feel free to post e-mails, announcements to club members and messages related to photography improvements. Selling and trading of parts or cameras is permitted in this forum.


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Current GCC members & contact info:

--Pipol, kindly provide me your personal/business contact info so that I can make a separate link to this site for our membership list. Any suggestion for the format of membership profile is highly apprecaited. Mas maayo padala pud ta mga individual pics sa ato mga nawong para cool. Kung naa mo mga logos sa inyo businesses e.g. light & pixels nila Jing, Montage nila Ronald,, Fluid light ni Leonard, and others.   


Links to GCC members personal home page/s


Sample only: 

Bong Penpeña-

Jing Velos-

Dong Pading-


-Pls. email me your homepage's URL in multiply,yahoophotos,imagestation,etc. so that I can create the appropriate link to your homepage.  

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